Check-in: 14:00 (early check-in possible)
Check-out: 12:00 (late check-out possible)
No smoking tobacco products are allowed in the hotel premises

1. The room will be ready for your arrival on the day of arrival, starting at 14:00.
2. Check-in time (time set by the hotel for check-in and check-out of guests) 12:00 of the date of
check-out time.
3. The fee is charged per day of stay. For stays of less than a day, the payment is made
for the full billing day in accordance with the established check-in time and check-out time.
check-in time and check-out hour.
4. In case of early departure due to shortening of the period of stay in the Hotel compared to the booked period of stay, the Guest is obliged to pay for the full estimated day according to the established time of settlement and the estimated hour.
the booked period of stay, the Guest undertakes to notify the Hotel of such a reduction of the period of stay one day in advance and to produce a payment at the Hotel.
reduction of the period of stay one day in advance and make payment for the actually
provided Hotel services.
5. The room rate is inclusive of taxes.
6. A hotel room is provided to a guest upon presentation of a passport or other identification document, as well as completion and signing of a registration form.
identity document, as well as filling in and signing the registration card of the guest.
guest registration card.

7. Children up to 6 years old inclusive are accommodated free of charge in one room with their parents without an extra room
provision of an additional place. For accommodation of children over 6 years old and adults on
additional place in the room will be charged according to the price list of the hotel.
8. Guests have the right to invite visitors to their room from 07:00 to 23:00. In case
a visitor stays in the room after 23:00, the guest has to pay the difference for the
Guest's accommodation.
9. The Guest is obliged to reimburse the hotel in case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel,
and is also responsible for any disturbance caused by the persons invited by him/her. The amount of damages
shall be determined by the administration.

1. All rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. Smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in the hotel premises.
products in the hotel premises, except in designated smoking areas.
2. Smoking tobacco products in prohibited places is subject to a fine of 500 rubles.
rubles. TMR.

1 Payment for accommodation is due on or before arrival. Payment can be
by cash, Clever or Mir card. Visa or Master Card cannot
be accepted for payment.
2. Private reservations made on the website initially have a non-guaranteed status.
A non-guaranteed reservation is valid until 6:00 pm on the day of arrival at the hotel.
3. By confirming a reservation for a hotel room, the guest accepts and agrees to the following terms and conditions.
the aforementioned terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy and the rules,
applicable in case of no-show.
4. Prices are indicated in DMR rubles. Payment for accommodation is made in DMR rubles. We
accept payment by cash, bank transfer or bank card: Clever.

1. You can cancel your reservation by calling +373 533 77776 or writing a message to
viber, what's up +373 779 77878

1. To take out of the restaurant dishes, cutlery, food and drinks without
prior agreement with the administration of the restaurant.
2. To bring and store in the hotel (room) substances, materials and objects dangerous for the life of people.
human life.
3. to leave unauthorized persons in the room (persons who have not filled in and signed the guest registration card), as well as unauthorized persons (persons who have not filled in and signed the guest registration card).
the guest registration card), as well as to give them the room keys.
4. Use electric heating appliances that are not included in the room.
5. Use hotel and room equipment for purposes other than those for which it is intended.
6. Disturb the peace of the guests after 22:00 and before 08:00.
7. To bring and store firearms, gas, pneumatic and other weapons, special devices, ammunition, devices and ammunition in the hotel.
other types of weapons, special devices, ammunition, devices and cartridges to them.
them. In case the Guest has weapons, special devices, ammunition, devices and ammunition for them, the hotel has a
ammunition to them, the hotel has the right to refuse to settle.

1. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

1. to refuse to check-in in case of refusal to present the original identity document (passport).
identity document (passport). In case of refusal to show the migration card issued at the customs office.
If you refuse to show the migration card issued at the customs post.
2 Refuse to check-in if parents do not have birth certificates for their children. 3.
3. Refuse to re-accommodate guests who have violated the hotel's rules of residence. 4.
4. Refuse to check-in guests with aggressive/inappropriate behavior, or a guest who is under the influence of alcohol.
under the influence of alcohol.